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Student Organization Board

Student Organization Board (SOB)

RAO'S Educational Institution is taking the initiative to provide students with an holistic College experience in that process we are intoducing RAO'S Educational institutions Student Organiszation Board (SOB). One of the best things that college can offer is the freedom to pursue your passion and find other people who share the same interest. When it comes to college clubs, you can either create one or join one. The former is the easy option, and this works if you want an already established club with a big membership. But if you’re inclined to lead and innovate, and you have a unique idea for a new organization that you can’t wait to set up, you can always take the challenging route of creating a club. You can now register your own organization by abide the rules of SOB.

The club's leadership structure, ordinarily set out in its bylaws, is largely a matter of custom, preference and practicality. The critical leadership positions are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Some clubs may have additional officer roles which are defined within their own by-laws.



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